About Braun Recruitment Inc

We work with companies that are looking to hire, highly qualified individuals. In addition to helping businesses find candidates for positions, we work with individuals that are looking for longterm positions. Working with companies that value the experience that they have and with potential for growth and development. Employment recruiters helping companies small & large find outstanding longterm employees that make a positive impact. We ensure that we are identifying and qualifying the best and the brightest candidates, taking into account the nuances of your corporate culture. Our business is not a general employment agency, you are not going to have to sift through hundreds of resumes trying to find someone that is qualified and fits right. We screen every candidate that you have in our system throughly.

We do not accept people that are looking for seasonal positions, temporary work, or bouncing from job to job. The goal is that they are looking for a long term career and committed to your business, and their future. If you are someone who is looking to change careers, looking for something that is going to last long term, and advance then we are looking to help you as well! Please ensure that you are submitting your resume for review, so we can fit you with the best companies. Please note that we do not take on candidates that are looking for seasonal work, or part time. We work with companies that are committed to their future and yours. Call today!